2021 WORLDS II – Solo Album (Music)

2021 L’ÂME IMMORTELLE – Murderer (Music with Patrick Damiani)

2021 Ex Deo – Symphonies of the Anti-Christ (Music Composition)

2021 Ex Deo – The Thirteen Years of Nero (Orchestra, Keys)

2020 Carach Angren – Franckensteina Strataemontanus 

2020 Lindemann – Ach So Gern (Music Remix)

2019 Lindemann – Sauber (Music)

2019 Lindemann – Wer Weiss Das Schon (Music Composition)

2019 Lindemann – F&M (Orchestral Arrangements)

2019 Super Pitch Drama – Train, Fight, Conquer, Repeat

(Tracks 3,4,6,9,10,14,15,16)

2019 Parasite Twin (Solo Work)

2019 Possessed – Chant of Oblivion (Music)

2019 Super Pitch Drama – Fairytales (Tracks 12, 16, 17, 18, 24)

2018 Yass-Waddah – Lights in the Murk (Orchestra, keyboards)

2017 Worlds (Composition, Production, Vocals, Mixing, Mastering)

2017 Utbyrd – Varskrik (Orchestration)

2017 Velvet Green Music – Gritty Industrial Action Vol.2 (tracks 2,3)

2017 Velvet Green Music – Orchestral Action Vol. 2 (track 2)

2017 Velvet Green Music – Hybrid Epic orchestral Vol. 2 (tracks 3,5)

2017 Carach Angren – Dance And Laugh Amongst the Rotten

2017 Ex Deo – The Immortal War (Orchestral Score)

2016 Pain – Coming Home (Orchestral arrangements)

2015 She Danced To Hear Death (Solo work)

2015 Body Fram – Hell March (Music)

2015 Lindemann – That’s My Heart (Music Composition, bg vox)

2015 Lindemann – Skills in Pills (Orchestral arrangements)

2015 Lindemann – Praise Abort (Remix)

2015 Carach Angren – This Is No Fairytale

2014 Slaughterra Intro (Music)

2014 Vredehammer – The Awakening (Intro Music)

2014 Edith von Cherry – Medicine (Music)

2012 Carach Angren – Where the Corpses Sink Forever

2010 Carach Angren Death Came Through A Phantom Ship

2010 Vredehammer – Oktober (Music)

2008 Carach Angren – Lammendam 

2005 Carach Angren – Ethereal Veiled Existence

2004 Carach Angren – The Chase Vault Tragedy

2003 Vaultage – Hallucinate Beyond


Filmography & Theater

2020 “Nightcall” Tim Sagl (Music)

2019 “The Human” Harko Wubs (Music)

2018 “Routes Familières” Jan van Ooijen (Music)

2018 “Hansel & Gretel” Sempel/ Ojasoo (Music: Wer Weiss das Schon & Sauber)

2017 “Pyewacket” Adam MacDonald (Music placement: Carach Angren – There’s No Place Like Home)

2017 “Pixey” Callison Slater (Music)

2017 “The Kid” Tim Sagl (Music)

2016 “The Hangman” Tim Sagl (Music)

2015 “Asamn Nou Fo” Brittany Green (Music)

2015 “The Grim II” Hasani Walker (Music & Sound Design)

2014 “Blowtorch Trailer” (Music sync placement first 0:48)

2014 “Pierewiet” Jan van Ooijen (Music)

2014 “Huisvredebreuk” Jan van Ooijen (Music)

2014 “Wegen” Darko Wubs (Music & Sound Design)

2014 “Her Gift” Dinesh van den Berg (Music)

2013 A Fistful of Letters Jan van Ooijen (Rosebud) Music

2013 Trailer CP DTZ Productions Music

2013 Stadslander Martijn Vleugel Music

2013 Contact Jan van Ooijen (Rosebud) Music

2013 The Grim Hasani Films Sound Design

2012 Pixey – Trailer String Studios Productions LLC Music & Sound Design

2012 Symfonieën van Nijmegen Hark’oh Film Work on Musical Sound Design

2012 Firefly and the Coffee Machine Wilyat Animation Studios Music & Sounddesign

2012 Party Quest Episode 1 James Gooch Music

2012 Firefly (trailer) Wilyat Animation Studios Music & Sounddesign

2011 Nyan Cat, Epic Movie Trailer String Studios Productions LLC Music

2011 Frenemies’ Trailers DTZ Productions Music

2011 Laatste Keus Short Drama by Jan van Ooyen Music

2011 The Wondrous Woes Of Marsh Animated Short by Callison Slater Music

2011 Harvey’s Dream Short (Hakan Gunnarson, org. story by Stephen King) Music

2011 Herfstpunt Short drama film (directed by Coen van Beek) Music

2010 Im Visier Animated short by Dries van Lommel Music & Sounddesign




Commercial, TV and Corporate Projects

2021 TV Commercial PureFlow Air (Music License)

2021 TV Commercial Compare National (Music License)

2020 Repsol Commercial Repsol Music License (SuperPitch)

2018 SP Commercial SP Groningen Music License

2018 Hell Energy Drink Sinemafilms Music (Social Media Campaign)
2016 Zeesterren Episode 4 RTL Dutch TV Music (games: torches & musical chairs on water)
2016 Zeesterren Episode 3 RTL Dutch TV Music (game: all inclusive)
2015 Commcercial “How Santa Makes Money” Sinemafilms Music
2015 Commcercial Wishlist Sinemafilms Music
2015 Commcercial OptionTap Sinemafilms Music & Sound Design
2015 Commcercial IronFX Sinemafilms Music & Sound Design
2015 DHL Infomercial Future Media Productions Music
2014 Commcercial Powerstrike (NY) Sinemafilms Music
2014 Commercial for a Wellness company (NY) Sinemafilms Music
2014 Showreel Sinemafilms Music
2013 Commercial Foroxity Filmarena Future Media Productions Music
2013 Commercial Water for Life Future Media Productions Music
2013 VO5 commercial Sinemafilms Music
2012 Documentary “It’s Up to You” Stichting Reactif Sounddesign
2012 TV series ‘de Dokters’ episode 10 NTR Some Music underscoring
2012 Music adaption for a dance performance Karin Groenen Dansdocent Music Adaption
2012 Music for an art exposition Negakinu Photography Music
2012 Orchestral version of the famous song “Dunderbeck” String Studios Productions LLC Music Adaption
2012 Modern Glamour Commercial Marilu G. Music
2012 Firefly Commercial Wilyat Animation Studios & Parhelion Music
2011 Four Corporate Videos Erik Wijnands KVL Inspiration Technology Music
2011 Audio Logo String Studios Productions LLC Music
2008 QNH-Turbine Music QNH Music